Local and National Advertising Rates

The Weekly Issue/El Semanario is an independent, Latino-owned and produced newspaper, published weekly. Founded in 1989. It has earned notable status as Colorado’s most respected bilingual, community oriented publication and gaining significant momentum in five additional markets covering Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada and New Mexico. With 27 years of experience, The Weekly Issue/El Semanario has successfully connected local and national advertisers with our growing communities. Our prominence within our community extends to multiple monolingual and bilingual generations allowing advertisers to successfully reach newly arrived families as well as generations of native born families with centuries of history in the United States.

Our innovative community based programs such as “Our Community. Our Partners” and the “Student Literature Program” provide affordable & alternative options for non-profit, family, educational, community, and civil rights oriented organizations.

Latino Market By The Numbers

InPrint Ads

Open National Rate

$21.00 per column inch

Frequency Rates Available

2-4 $18.00 per column inch
5-10 $15.50 per column inch
11-16 $12.00 per column inch
17-26 Call for more details per column inch
Annual rates available


$18.00 per column inch

Spot Color: $50.00

Full Color: $150.00

Common Ad Sizes

Business Card: 2×2
8th Page: 2×4
5th Page: 2×6
4th Page: 3×6 or 2×9
Half Page: 5×7.5 or 3×12.75

Mechanical Specifications

Tabloid Five Column format
Columns: 1.7/8″ (11p3 picas)
Space Reservation: Friday by 17:00
Materials: Tuesday by 12:00 Noon

Online Ads

Main Banner Ad 1100 x 110 $500.00
Footer Ad 1100 x 110 $400.40
Content Section Ad 728 x 116 $350.75
Header Ad 728 x 116 $300.00
Box Ad 267 x 268 $250.00
Side Bar Ad 125 x 636 $200.00

File formats
CD-DVD ROM (CD/DVD-recordable)

PDF: at least 200 dpi resolution and CMYK color format.
JPEG: at least 200-300 dpi resolution and CMYK color format.
EPS: must convert all type to outlines.

Terms and Conditions

Full payment is due at time of order. Payment options are available with a minimum payment of 25%.

Special Pricing Available for Non-Profits, Education and Events.
Discounts are available for frequency and prepayment of campaigns.

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Brochures,Flyers and Inserts

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